100% funded
$103,933.52 of $100,000.00 raised 捐款進度
$33725.52 out of $103933.52 raised from offline and oversea donations.

Action Period: July 1 – September 10, 2022
行動日期:2022 年 7 月 1 日 – 9 月 10 日

參加辦法 How to Participate


You can choose to attend an in-person or an online fundraiser

步行籌款 Walkathon

  • 2022年9日10日於美麗徑公園參加現場步行籌款活動。 
  • Participate in the walkathon event at Milliken Park on 2022 September 10.

網上行動 Online Action

  • 只需要自己每日進行30分鐘户外或室內運動,於2022年9月10日前的任何連續兩個星期内完成目標,同時邀請親友捐款來支持你的行動。
  • Just do 30 minutes of outdoor or indoor exercise every day, complete the goal in any two consecutive weeks before September 10, 2022, and invite friends and family to donate to support your action.


「愛心足印」2022 是中信多倫多中心第 11 屆的籌款活動,目的是與我們的義工、支持者和大眾一起行動支持中信關愛社區並提供積極和有意義的服務。去年籌款活動因疫情而用了新的方式,以「愛人愛己」的挑戰活動來個別進行,但感謝主,最後 我們仍然能如期的在公園相聚感恩,並同時舉辦中信法律援助中心的開幕典禮,這是神給我們的特別恩典。今年是多倫多中心的15周年,我們希望有更多的支持者與我們一起慶祝,所以將在美


Fundraising Event

“Footprints of Love Walkathon 2022” is our 11th year in organizing this event which aims to bring joy and fun to our supporters. We wish to invite our volunteers, readers, supporters, staff and advisors to get acquainted in a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and support the good cause of CCM in serving the community.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the fundraising activities were carried out individually with the challenge of  “caring others and caring yourself”, but thanks to the Lord, in the end, we were able to meet in the park to give thanks as scheduled, and held the opening ceremony of the CCM Legal Clinic at the same time, this is God’s special grace to us. This year is the 15th anniversary of the Toronto Centre.

We hope to have more supporters to celebrate with us, so we will hold the 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration and Walkathon in the park at the same time. We sincerely invite everyone to actively participate and support. Praise be to God!

Thanks to the sponsors for their loving support!

Please click on the logo to go to the sponsor’s website

Overseas Donation 海外捐款

If you are unable to use Paypal to donate from overseas, please donate via the link below instead. Thank you for your kind support!
若使用 Paypal 作海外捐款時遇上困難,請改用以下網頁捐款,多謝支持!

*Please read the IMPORTANT NOTES carefully before you enter the link


  • Please indicate the name of the participant that you are supporting from above. Otherwise, your donation will be used for general donation. 
  • If your address doesn’t have a postal code, please fill in “00000” to proceed
    如所在地區地址沒有郵區編號,請於郵區編號一欄填寫 “00000”
  • Please use a credit card that is recognized internationally

For all other donation methods, please indicate “Support CCM Fundraiser” and the name of the participant supported

Interac eTransfer

Recipient email address 收款人電郵地址toronto@ccmcanada.org

Input following information in the “Remarks” column: Your FULL name, phone number, email address 
請在備註寫上: 姓名 (全名), 電話, 電郵

Write a separate email to toronto@ccmcanada.org for record and Tax Receipt arrangement** , include information “Your Full name, Full detail address, phone number, eTransfer date, amount & and bank’s name”
請發送另一電郵 致 toronto@ccmcanada.org 資料包括:姓名 (全名), 地址,電話, 轉款日期, 金額及銀行名稱

By Cheque

Cheque payable to 支票抬頭 “CCM Canada”
Mail cheque to CCM Toronto office address:

Unit 3107, 4438 Sheppard Ave East
Scarborough ON
M1S  5V9

Please provide the information for Tax Receipt arrangement:Your Full name, full address, phone number
為方便發出退稅收條,請附上資料:姓名 (全名), 地址, 電話

By Cash or Credit Card
現金 或 信用卡

Visit our Centre by appointment  可預約到本中心交奉獻
Time 時間 : 10:00 am – 4:00pm

Credit card donation can handle by phone
Please call 請電 : 416-291-3202