Footprints of Love


時光飛逝,中信中心在大多市的社區服務已超過十年,我們於上年5月從 士嘉堡愛靜閣商場搬往距離兩公里的東方廣場三樓,繼續在多倫多地區關愛弱小,服事社群。

在過去十年中信中心所經歷的各種高高低低的事情,我們要讚美感謝上帝的作為!若不是祂的帶領和供應,中信中心又怎能在極度缺乏人力、經費和資源之下可以在人口密集的地區服務基層的民眾?又怎能可以每年服務超過25,000人次, 而所提供的服務涵括老中青兒童各種年齡?


Toronto CCM “Footprints of Love 2018” Walkathon. Let’s join together!

How time flies! CCM Toronto Centre has been serving the community for over 10 years. We had moved to the 3rd floor of Oriental Centre from Scarborough Agincourt Mall in May this year, and continue to serve and care for the needy and fragile in the community.

Despite all the ups and downs we went through in the decade, we are filled with praise and thanksgiving for the wonderful works that God has done! If not for His guidance and providing us with our needs, how would it be possible for us to serve over 25,000 people every year in such a populated area – covering seniors, adults, youth, children and grass root community – with our very inadequate manpower, funding and resources?

Now we sincerely invite you to join CCM on September 8 for “Footprints of Love 2018” Walkathon event and actively support CCM Centre. Let us continue to share this passion with our community, remembering all those in need by taking action.
We hope you would share this web page with your family and friends and invite them to join us at walkathon. Every little support of yours will bring blessings to many people.